Agate - For rebalancing negativity and finding the earth stable under your feet.


DISCOUNTED! This mug has a superficial, minor pinholing on the outside only. It does not affect the cup's functionality in any way. Purely aesthetic. This mug is gorgeous and still worthy of love!


These mugs were designed to be held, cradled, cuddled. Held comfortably with a pinkie coil and thumb rest, you can also fit all your fingers through the handle for supreme hand warming. Dishwasher safe, handwash preferred. 


While I carefully craft each mug, I take my time to suffuse each with the sensation of warm cozy mornings. I think about you, who will one day hold it in your hands. The spellcasting begins at the wedging table, and continues all the way up to the moment I tuck it away in its shipping box. Handmade things are full of soul, and I pray that you find a moment of solace and reprieve each time you fill a cuppa.

Agate in Purple ~20oz