Copper Wilds is the

project of potter, homesteader, dreamer Kam Kastelic

Potter, long-distance hiker, new mother. At this moment, probably dancing somewhere in the valley sandwiched between the mountains she calls home. Soil flecked with shimmering mica, a pristine river runs through a valley whispering with song and ritual in western North Carolina. She lives in a tiny house fashioned from a renovated RV with her partner Sean and daughter Ro.

Copper Wilds is a small, handmade business that operates out of a handmade building called the Old Mushroom Factory. Across the tiny one-lane bridge, tucked deeply in the woods, her studio is a co-creative space for crafts and wildcrafts of all kinds. It is an apothecary, a pottery studio, and a gathering place for community and art.

All shipping materials are biodegradable, recyclable, or can be used as tinder in a woodburning stove. Always looking for more ways to be sustainable, regenerative, and as local as possible, you can usually find her work (and smiling face!) at the Saturday Market in Burnsville, NC.

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