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handmade Clayware for
Ritual and Connection

Maker of
Nature-Inspired ceremonial Pottery

Kam Kastelic

Potter, mother, witch. Dancing in the valley sandwiched between the mountains she calls home. Soil flecked with shimmering mica, a pristine river runs through a valley whispering with song and ritual in western North Carolina. She lives off-grid in an intentional community, marking the turning of the year with gatherings and ceremony.

Copper Wilds is back! Following a successful Kickstarter Campaign, Kam was able to raise funds to build her permanent pottery studio on the land where she lives. She and her landmate Nicholas finished the project the fall of 2023. The new space is a sanctuary, a temple of creation, and she is so super unbelievably grateful thank you thank you thank you.

You can most easily follow along with her journey on Instagram, and by joining the Newsletter.

Ceramic ritual witch

Etched Copper Mugs, TeaSets, and Altar Pieces

There's something truly enchanting about the dance of copper in the light, its gleam echoing the warmth of the sun. Combined with the delicate etchings of botanicals, each stroke tells a story of nature's wisdom, weaving tales of growth and renewal into the clay. As a potter's hands mold the earth, a transformation unfolds—a symphony of shaping, firing, and glazing. With each step, the pottery absorbs the energy of creation, imbuing it with a mystical essence that resonates with the soul. And when the final piece emerges from the kiln, it's not just pottery—it's a vessel of magic, ready to infuse daily rituals with wonder and intention.

Nature Inspired Cauldron Mugs

We celebrate the land's whispers with eight unique mug releases inspired by the ever-changing seasons of the Wheel of the Year. Each design captures the essence of nature's rhythms—from the vibrant bloom of spring to the serene hush of winter. In 2024, I'm thrilled to offer Mugwort mugs, made-to-order and shipping out with the next holiday release. Embrace the wisdom of the land as you sip from a vessel crafted with intention, and join us in honoring the sacred journey of the seasons with every cherished piece. Let the shifting landscapes and natural cycles guide your rituals, connecting you to the ancient magic of the earth.

Moon Moth Mug with Amethyst

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