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In spring comes the first flush of color to the mountains where I live. Though forsythia is native to Asia, it's a useful plant that thrives here-- and plays well with others, keeping itself to itself. It's one of my favorite flowering plants in the Spring.


In it's native lands, it is known as one of the fundamental herbs in Chinese herbology as a useful lung medicine. The flowers and fruit are edible. I love forsythia flowers in a salad.


Each year these flowers are the most inspiring harbingers of spring.


Argonite is believed to enhance clarity and insight, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving. It's thought to promote grounding and stability, helping to balance emotions and dispel negative energy. Argonite is also associated with creativity and self-expression, fostering inspiration and imagination.


I love this combination for this season. Embrace the spirit of renewal and creativity as you sip from this vessel of inspiration. Blooming flora and sparkling argonite awaken the imagination, igniting new ideas with each sip.


A sacred object, from my hands to yours. 


NOTE: This listing is for preorder. The final gemstone selected for the mug will not be this one! And there may be slight variation in the shape.


My pottery now features overglaze accents in REAL Gold, in a copper color.


Designed to be held by human hands. Ease and comfort with an ornate thumb rest helps from every angle. The ‘pinkie coil’ keeps the handle from sliding. The mugs fit all   The crystal allows the mug to be comfortably carried down at your side.


I source the crystals as close to the source as possible, and from the US whenever available. 

In many cases, from the rock hounds themselves.



“It’s the MOST perfect handle!  Big enough for all four fingers, with options for your thumb- either the thumb-rest, or the crystal on top.  And a pinkie coil!  It’s actually genius, and I SWEAR I was thinking about this like yesterday… I just don’t enjoy my other mugs as much anymore. The way all my fingers have a place is magic!  And I can use the thumbrest to “steer” my mug if I want to run around with it in my hand all day, and not spill my tea.  It’s become an object of comfort for me, and I feel less awkward when I have it with me.” - Danielle, @rabbitspath




Handwash only.



This item is handmade, and may show imperfections as such. They are a part of this piece's story, and -- in a modern world filled with objectively "perfect" mass produced things -- serve as enhancements rather than flaws.

Forsythia Argonite Cauldron Mug

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